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eBooks That Offer Advanced Training

Make no mistake about it, Uncle Tim's Building Blocks and Book of Chords will fully map and articulate the diatonic and standard pentatonic keys. But what do you do when you gain an appetite for something more? Easy, you go into the library and select an eBook that fully articulates the subject you are interested in. This is part of the mile wide growth path.

Welcome to the most complete library of musical scales and chords available today. No matter if you want pentatonic (all three types), Blues, Flat 3rd or Melodic Minor scales or triads or something else, we have the resources. And these resources fully integrate with the Uncle Tim Series for Guitar. Now the fretboard is mapped for whatever subject of interest you have. All visual and all using Uncle Tim's visual mapping system. These are not only the best grids in town, they are the only grids in town!

eBooks are an "add on" feature. We do not include these as part of the subscription because some people will not need it. But if you do need it, they are available as an add on component.

Choose From Several Different Types Of Music

Blues Guitar

If you are interested in Blues guitar, then pick up a copy of the Blues scales or Flat 3rd scales. Have you even heard of Flat 3rd scales? Have you ever seen them articulated anywhere?

I map them completely and they are presented visually. You do not have to read music and you can get started right away. And remember all of these eBooks contain a typeset version inside so you can print them out and take them anywhere. You are not bound to your monitor! You can also print out a copy to mark up with notes as you practice. They are meant to be used when you practice and they are quite versatile.

Pentatonic Scales

The standard pentatonic scales are covered in Uncle Tim's Building Blocks. But did you know there are three different types of Pentatonic scales? Two of these are never articulated and almost impossible to find. And they can change your sound so you become even more unique as a guitar player. Your friends will have no idea of how you did it either.

They are Pentatonic scales but they have a unique construction and sound. They will also work hand in hand with Blues scales which are related and very similar to Pentatonic scales but contain an additional note. Now you can drive your understanding to a professional level all without ever reading a single line of musical notation.

Jazz Guitar

We all are aware of the fact there are three different types of minor scales. There are the natural minor scales that go hand in hand with the diatonic majors, but where have you ever seen Harmonic and Melodic scales fully articulated in complete visual detail.

I have never seen more than a smattering of these advanced scales anywhere. Here you can find complete libraries containing 100% of all of these scales.

All presented visually!

In the Uncle tim Series for guitar, I developed a complete visual mapping system that people purchase every day. When I showed it to music store owners and musicians, the overwhelming comment was this, "why haven't we seen this before." They immediately realized the benefits. I have applied this proven, easy to use mapping system to this entire line of eBooks. So you can leverage what you already know. It all fits nicely together and using it on the spot is easy and simple. And it pays enormous benefits. This cannot be overstated. It is absolutely huge for guitarists.

But that is not all. If you are going to play harmonic scales, you might want to brush up on harmonic triads. Don't forget, the Harmonic form of the minor scale changes a single note and that will ripple through all the triads in each key. The standard triads will not reflect this complex form of music. But the harmonic triads will fit like a glove. I have articulated these triads in complete visual detail too. These eBooks work hand in hand and will provide complete Harmonic instruction. Jazz guitar is in part built around these groups of chords and scales and now you can have the complete sets of this information. This is available nowhere else. These eBooks are not available in music stores anywhere.

Specialty Chords

Maybe you just want to add a few new chords to your playing along with some more complex sounds. Suspended 2nd and 4th chords are a very fun way to do it. They are simple and very helpful in pop and rock songs. They will spice up the old standard routines and progressions and add flavors you can pull out to create intense emotional statements.

They work hand in hand with standard Diatonic keys and add a distinct flavor. I suggest you start with the standard second inversion suspended 4th chords because they are easy, fun and complete. They work great with pop and rock.


Order any eBook and get access to a special page that will show you the difference between all the different scale types. Did you know all scale groups are designed to fill a specific section of the twelve possible notes? Did you know that all these types of scales work together?

They all cover a certain selection of notes, and if you look at them as a group, they completely cover the chromatic scale. Each type of scale, fills a certain niche, together they cover the whole twelve note gamut. This is a very detailed big picture that only the most developed music professional will ever see. Most professionals have no idea how this very big picture works.

All of this is related and these scales will prove it in a very enlightening way. This page alone can unify your understanding of all forms of music. This is extremely advanced information and yet presented in such a way, you can easily see how they all do something distinct and related to each other. I had to articulate the whole bunch before this became clear to me. When I learned it, it really blew my mind. This is information almost no one knows. It is extremely advanced and very enlightening. It is almost impossible to describe with words alone. Yo must have images to understand the interlocking nature at this level.

Example: The Pentatonic group is designed to cover all the different combinations of important notes and maintain a five note scale. When you see how the different notes are used in each scale, you can see the entire overall strategy of the Pentatonic group. But that is not all, the Blues and Flat 3rd scales are also very closely related. They are, in a sense, extensions of the Pentatonic group. Together they cover all the note combinations possible, so that together they provide a complete mapping of the twelve possible notes. Remember, there are only twelve possible notes you can play on a guitar. You can play them in different octaves and locations, but there are only twelve notes.

This page alone can help guide you to understand what options you have for future development. If you have an intense desire to understand the complete depth of linear statements and lead guitar, you will not find the equivalent of this page anywhere. This information is the result of many, many, many years of study and writing. It can give you an in-depth understanding of scales that is totally unavailable anywhere.

And you can get it FREE, right here. All of our eBooks come with our standard lifetime guarantee.