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Browsers And Pages!

We have designed this site to be compatible with all recent releases of the common browsers. This list includes Internet Explorer, Firefox (my favorite), Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera. Each browser will render html code a little differently. Pages may appear a little different as will some formatting. This should be minor. But here is some good advice. Get a new browser and keep it updated. They change all the time, you might as well take advantage of the most recent technology.

More importantly are the plus-ins that each browser requires to read flash animations and Java code as well as render pdf files. All of which are used in this site often. Also important is the ability to play mp3, wave files and videos. I have found this to be handled differently by each browser. None of them are flawless.

How do you find out if your browser is up to the task?

That is actually pretty easy. I suggest downloading several of them and trying them out. They are all free and trying them will help you to decide which one you like best.

For grins yo can try running the Acid 3 Browser Test. This will test the compatibly of your browser with this very stringent test. You can test your browser, just by clicking this link. It will open a new page with the Acid 3 test and automatically test your browser. You may find this test quite interesting. The test will not hurt your system.

Most of these browsers do pretty well on this test, but one of them fails as a matter of policy. That browser is Internet Explorer (all versions through version 8, sad but true). We do not recommend Internet Explorer in any version.


I use shortcuts often. Shortcuts can be put on your desktop, or a folder and stored for quick access. Try it with this page. Just click and drag on the little orange and black icon next to the http:// and put it on your desktop. Then when you click on it, it will open to this page. You can do that for any page on this site. You can always move it into a folder from the desktop.

Text Size

Browsers determine the text size. That means you can change the size of the text your browser renders.

Here is how you do it.

1. Hold down the control key.

2. Tap the + or - key. Your text size will change. You can also find this nested inside some menus.

If something appears very strange on any page of any site, the first thing I usually do is visit the page with another browser and see if that makes a difference.

We design this site using Fire Fox version 3.5. That is still our favorite, although we also like Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Opera is also very good.

Here are some download links for your convenience. But sometimes these pages move and that may cause these links to break, so just Google the browser name along with the word download and you should be able to find them again. Happy browsing.

Fire Fox

Google Chrome

Apple Safari


We do not recommend you download any Microsoft browser. They work but not all that well.