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A complete major and minor chord library


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Inside the members area you will find a complete major and minor chord library. In each library there is a minimum of twenty five chords for each chord type.

In real life situations you will need to have several different options for using the correct chord in the right position on the fretboard. The song may very well dictate that you move to a certain area of the fretboard in order to maintain the climbing or descending motion of the passage. You may have to build a sequence of progressions that conveys the feeling you are trying to achieve. Having options for song construction can help you to build richer songs and achieve your vision for each piece.

If you are forced to use the same chords in every song, it will become quite predictable and possibly stale. People will start to attach that sound to your playing which can lead to undesirable results.

Exercising creative options can bring your abilities to a new level and cause people to pay close attention because they recognize new and innovative approaches. Well thought out elements will greatly enhance your work and add to listener enjoyment.

These chord libraries will help you to use all the different octaves effectively. If you are constructing a song, it may be helpful to play chords in a lower register while a lead line is constructed starting in the lower octaves and climbing to the higher registers.

You can also switch positions, starting the chord progression in the lower registers and climbing to the higher octaves in order to build to a climax.

If you are trying to learn songs by ear, many times you get the chord correct but the voicing is in a different register. If you have more chord choices, you can test to see if the different voicing are used instead of the easier or typical choices.

So having choices should help you to become a well rounded guitarist and have a bag full of excellent choices. It also provides more options to practice chords and develop finger dexterity.

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